Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My cool second Bento. v(^^)v Yatta!!

Today's lunch is a cool, Japanese style Shokado style Bento.
Asparagus was decorated imaging the bamboo forest.
And, rice was decorated by using the " Shokado Tawara rice mold ".
Carrot was cut out by the butterfly cutter.
Small okazu side dish was decorated with " Kanzashi Food picks ".
Rabbit used quail egg and " Quail Egg kit PIKKORON ".
Because various decorations can be done, " Quail Egg kit PIKKORON " is very wonderful!!
Bento box used a cool, Japanese style " Black Strawberry Shokado style Bento Lunch Box ".

  1. Butterfly Carrot: Butterfly Okazu side dish Cutter
  2. Quail Egg Rabbit: " Quail Egg kit PIKKORON "

  3. Food Picks: " Kanzashi Food picks "
  4. Rice: " Shokado Tawara rice mold "

  5. Bento Lunch Box: " Black Strawberry Shokado style Bento Lunch Box "

Very very cool bento was able to be mde. v(^^)v Yatta!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My First Hello Kitty Bento =^^=

This is the first bento of my blog! Bento of character " Hello Kitty " of my loved Japan! =^^= And, bento lunch box and the Silicon Food cup are " Hello Kitty designs " too. Very cute!!!! In Japan, a lot of bento items exist. And, it can enjoy easily decorating the bento.

  1. Bento Lunch Box: " Hello Kitty SAKURA PINK Shokado type Bento Box "
  2. Onigiri rice ball: " Hello Kitty Bento kit + Nori "

  3. Onigiri Rice ball Color: " mizkan Ume Sushi Rice Source Powder " and " Soy sauce "
  4. Carrot: " Hello Kitty Twin Push Mold Cutter "
  5. Accessories: " Hello Kitty Dip & Sauce case ", Furikake case: " Hello Kitty Furikake case "

  6. Food cup: " Hello Kitty Silicon Food cup "

That was really tasty! But, courage is necessary to eat Hello Kitty...(^^;